1. Shade
    Freaky Chakra, Mikael Stavostrand, Single Cell Orchestra, Damian Salza (ADIG34)

  2. Pulse
    Freaky Chakra, [a]pendics.shuffle [ADIG33]

  3. Aware Sequence Found Life Remixes
    [a]pendics.shuffle [ADJUNCT30]

  4. Aware Sequence Found Life
    [a]pendics.shuffle w/ Kelly Johnston, Benno Blome [ADJUNCT 28 / 29]

  5. Unravel
    Bendejo, Reverse Commuter, Freaky Chakra, Stefny [ADIG32]

  6. Chairr Nawena
    dubLoner Ft. Isaac Haile Selassie, Fenin, Gys, Kush Arora [ADUB06]

  7. Fall From Grace
    [a]pendics.shuffle Feat. Bryan Black, Bystanders [ADIG31]

  8. For Every Moment Of Triumph: Volume Four
    Various Artists [ADIG30]

  9. A Wonderful Collection Of Fucks Given
    Bal Cath [ADIG29]

  10. Suns Lungs Alterations
    The Holloys / Sebastian Russell / Beaner / Clovis [ADIG28]

  11. Something In The Way Extended
    Kenneth James Gibson / [a]pendics.shuffle / Bruno Pronsato [ADJUNCT27]

  12. Spotlights
    Souki / Joint Custody [ADIG27]

  13. Until Now
    Sebastian Russell / DoubtingThomas [ADIG26]

  14. For Every Moment Of Triumph: Volume Three
    Various Artists [ADIG25]

  15. All The Way Back In Time Again
    Papa Sang Bass / Sonja Moonear / Mikael Stavostrand / Caro [ADJUNCT26]

  16. Heavy Burdens High
    [a]pendics.shuffle Ft. Blakkat / Safeword / Velvet Elvis [ADJUNCT25]

  17. Budita
    Pancho Piedra / Android Cartel / Souki [ADIG24]

  18. Dear Fader
    Mossa / Dave Aju [ADIG23]

  19. Selected Remixes Volume One
    Various Artists [ADIG21]

  20. Sarcasticlly Yours (from "Californication")
    Kenneth James Gibson

  21. Incantations
    Android Cartel / Jay Tripwire [ADIG20]

  22. Atronauts To Dippin' Dots
    Velvet Elvis [ADIG19]

  23. Something Strange Part Two
    [a]pendics.shuffle & Mr. C / Jordan Lieb / Mikael Stavostrand [ADJUNCT24]

  24. Something Strange
    [a]pendics.shuffle & Mr. C / Mike Shannon / Affie Yusef [ADJUNCT23]

  25. Distant memories
    Andy Slaker / Deepchild / Miro Pajic [ADIG18]

  26. For Every Moment Of Triumph: Volume Two
    Various Artists [ADIG17]

  27. San Bartolo
    Pancho Piedra / Dilo / [a]pendics.shuffle [ADIG16]


Adjunct Audio Los Angeles, California

Adjunct is a forward thinking record label run by Kenneth James Gibson (AKA [a]pendics.shuffle) specializing in our own brand of house and techno. We are exclusively distributed by KOMPAKT and run our offices out of the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. ... more

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